2022 Kitchen Trends to Look Out For

2022 Kitchen Trends to Look Out For

Whether contemplating a kitchen upgrade or building a new home, the leading kitchen trends of 2022 are worth keeping in mind when designing a new kitchen space.

With more time spent at home, people want to unwind in a peaceful and relaxing environment. The following design trends ensure your new kitchen is beautiful and functional, as well as innovative.

Embracing marble  

Marble became a leading bathroom trend of 2021, and looks set to dominate 2022 kitchen interiors. Marble islands, countertops, floors, tiles, and splashback are now popular in new builds and renovations. 

Elegant and sleek, a marble finish creates a modern yet classic impression. It’s worth noting the cost sees most take a less is more approach to interior marble finishes, so be sure to factor this in.

Interior kitchen trends

A gentle and natural palette

The desire for a calming home environment has seen us draw inspiration from the outdoors. Architectural and interior trends—including kitchen design—showcase natural shades, aesthetics, and textures. Biophilia is a subconscious desire to connect with nature. The biophilic design trend in kitchens translates to large windows, pale timber, curved features, skylights, shades of green, and indoor plants.

Kitchen trends 2022
Modern kitchen trends

Broken-plan living

If open plan living is too bold, consider broken-plan living. Broken-plan kitchens have a transformative effect on area transitions, and were popular in the past, with shelves, storage, screens and levels breaking up large spaces. 

Create intimate dining and living areas separate to the kitchen while maintaining an impression of openness. Half walls or glass panels achieve separation—especially if noise reduction matters—without losing visibility.

Friendlier lighting

From brighter light when cooking to ambient morning warmth while making coffee, today’s kitchen lighting trends have a flexible focus. Adaptability is key to a quality kitchen lighting scheme. 

Layered lighting combines an assortment of lights only used when required. Begin with task, ceiling, and under-counter. Statement lighting is also on trend. Energy-reducing sustainable choices are favoured.

Streamlined minimalism

Simplicity is the lead thematic trend for kitchens in 2022. Recognise the beauty and peace in a streamlined kitchen, and aim for a minimalist aesthetic. Embrace the cleanness of white and grey shades.

Celebrate intelligent design. Conceal appliances and features until required, and incorporate hidden storage space. The goal is to help enhance peace of mind when performing daily kitchen tasks.

Attention to detail 

At present, there is an old world touch to the kitchen trend of gold and brass finishes and detailing. Gold and brass go in and out of fashion, but the appeal holds for lovers of vintage-inspired interiors.

As more people choose to keep basic ingredients on hand, increased pantry space is back in vogue. A walk-in pantry allows you to store favourite products without crowding kitchen cupboards.

Innovation and simplicity 

Cutting edge appliances are peak 2022 kitchen trends, along with transformative kitchen technology. Think app controlled lights, Wi-Fi appliances, motion sensitive taps, and touch to open handle-free cabinets.

Innovative downdraft extractors are now preferable to overhead extractors and can be used whether cooking with gas or electric stoves. A sleek addition to your island that removes cooking steam and scents.

A chance to save 

A design overhaul offers the chance to introduce budget-friendly appliances, and consider cost-effective gas for your dazzling new kitchen. Before beginning, be sure to check out the Better with Gas energy savings calculator.

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