Best BBQ Ideas – Meat and Vegetarian Options

Best BBQ Ideas – Meat and Vegetarian Options

There is nothing better than firing up your BBQ and cooking delicious food outside to share with family and friends. As the Perth weather cools down, take advantage of the extra warmth, and heat a BBQ will bring. We’ve put together the best meat and vegetarian BBQ ideas for you to share, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

How to cook meat on the BBQ

The humble BBQ is a versatile cooking tool, allowing you to use it as an oven, a smoker, and a classic grill. Cooking meat well on the BBQ can take time, so start early by getting your gas or open fire BBQ primed and ready to use. Consistent temperature is essential when slow cooking on the BBQ. 

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What to cook on your gas or open fire BBQ

The meat you choose is also important. While a classic BBQ sausage never displeases, don’t be afraid to try new cuts. T-bones, fillets, ribeye, flank, and tenderloin all cook up a treat on a BBQ; it can take a little time to get them right. If you are not sure how to cook meat, a meat thermometer tells you how the meat is cooking and when it’s ready.

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Red Meat

  • Ribeye: these steaks contain great marbling, making them one of the most delicious steaks to grill. Sear them, then cover, turning every 5 minutes or so until they are cooked to your preference.
  • T-Bone: Grill 1-1 1/2 inch T Bone Steaks at medium-high heat on a gas or charcoal grill for about 6-7 minutes per side for medium, flipping once. Lest rest for a few minutes before eating.
  • Tenderloin rump: perfect for roasting, tie the tenderloin into an even, round roast. This helps it cook evenly. Aim for a nice, caramelised surface, so start out by searing the roast on a medium-hot grill just long enough to lightly brown the surface, then covering and roast for 45 – 60 minutes depending on the size of the cut.

White meat

  • Chicken: super tasty and juicy, flavour your chicken with a spicy mix and fresh herbs. Crisp up on the BBQ and serve with a herbed yogurt sauce. Yum. The trick is to cook chicken on a medium heat, allowing it to char on the outside while remaining moist when cooked through.
  • Fish: Fish is a fantastic lighter option for those who don’t fancy meat, from delicious swordfish to tuna or salmon steaks. This Garlic Prawns recipe will wow your guests and are ready in minutes. The size of your fish fillet will decide how long you need to cook it. Place it on a medium grill and squeeze lemon over it as it cooks to ensure it stays nice and moist.


Don’t be afraid to try new vegetables on the BBQ. Opt for sweet and smoky eggplant steaks with capsicum muhammara for something different or slice cauliflower into slabs and flavour with taco seasoning for a healthy yet filling burger.

  • Vegetarian steak: there are now many different plant-based options available for BBQs, which will keep any vegetarians or vegans happy. You could even try making some delicious seitan, the vegan version of steak. It cooks up a treat on a BBQ.

What temperature should your BBQ be?

Whether you are cooking with a gas or open fire BBQ, different temperatures will create different meals.

  • Medium-High Heat: great for a crusted medium-rare burger or a vegetable kebab. Aim for 190-230°C.
  • Medium Heat: use this for thicker meat cuts or bone-in chicken. Get your grill to about 175°C. This moderate temperature will help the interior cook to tenderness without burning the exterior.
  • Medium-Low Heat: use this for foods that need gentler cooking, like slow-cooking sausages without making them explode, baked potatoes, or slow-cooked pork tenderloin. Aim for around 160°C.

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Meat and vegetarian bbq options
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