Christmas On a Budget: 6 Smart Ways to Spend This Festive Season

Christmas On a Budget: 6 Smart Ways to Spend This Festive Season

Often, Christmas is about who you spend it with, not how much money you spend on it. And luckily for Christmas enthusiasts, there are plenty of ways you can have a fun and memorable time without needing to spend an extravagant amount.

If you’re eager to cut down on your Christmas budget this year, we’ve put together a list of ways you can save a few dollars when the 25th rolls around.

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Christmas On a Budget

1.     Set A Spend Limit on Gifts

Within your family or group of friends, setting a collective price limit for this year’s gifts is a great way to ensure you won’t overspend on presents, and also that everyone will be on the same page when it comes to the price of gifts to be given.

2.     Do a Secret Santa

If you would traditionally buy a gift for every one of your friends or family members, pitch the idea of a Secret Santa.

A Secret Santa game means you only buy one gift for the person you’re ‘assigned’, usually by a lucky dip.

This will not only mean you’ll spend less on presents overall, but will allow you more time and effort into the one gift you’ve been assigned to buy.

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3.     DIY Decorations

Want your home to feel more festive without hitting the shops to buy decorations? Grab a few materials, a hot glue gun and of course, some glitter or sparkles, and DIY your decorations this year. Whether it’s a chain of glistening paper snowflakes or homemade red and green ornaments for your tree, this is a cheap and easy way to invite the festive spirit into your home.

4.     Bake Your Own Christmas Treats

At Christmas time, food can be expensive – so instead of heading to the supermarket to stock up on cookies, fruit mince pies or shortbread, consider saving money by making your own goodies. There are a range of easy recipes online – though if you’re a novice baker, it might be best to stick to the easier cookie or cupcake recipes rather than intricate pastries or tricky fruit mince pies. For deliciously moist goodies, using a natural gas oven rather than an electric oven will help you avoid dry and crumbly treats. 

A Christmas baking day is also a great way to get the kids involved in the festivities. If they’re a bit younger, mix up some colourful icing and let them decorate their own Christmas cookies. Yum! 

5.     Reuse and Recycle

Whether it’s plenty of extra Christmas cards or leftover wrapping paper, we’ve all experienced an excess of Christmas gear from years past. Reusing your Christmas cards, decorations, wrapping paper and more objects is a useful and sustainable way to save money during the festive season – and can also give a few of your favourite Christmas items a second, third or fourth life.

6.     Assign Meal Courses or Dishes for your Guests to Bring

If you’re welcoming guests for Christmas dinner, avoid excess leftovers or double-ups by encouraging your guests to bring a range of different dishes, split over entrees, mains and desserts. This is a great way to include everyone, encourage a variety of foods, and save a little money along the way.

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