Connecting to natural gas is easy

Connecting to natural gas is easy

You’ve read that natural gas is a clean, reliable and economically efficient energy source, and you’re thinking you want to include a gas connection in your new home or reno – but how exactly do you kick start the process of getting gas into your home? And what happens between now and then? Here’s a roundup of answers to the most commonly asked questions about getting gas connected.

I want natural gas in my home, but how do I find out if it’s available in my area?

The Get Connected tool makes this bit easy: just type in your postcode to see whether gas is available in your area, or to see if it’s coming soon. It’ll also help you choose a supplier and find a gas fitter.

 Who will fit my new gas connection and how does the process work? 

f you’re in the process of building a new house, then tell your builder you require a gas connection, and they can take care of the installation process for you.

If you’re renovating and adding gas to an existing home, there are a couple of steps to the process:

  1. You’ll need to hire a gas fitter or builder to install a gas meter box (see Where can I find a gas fitter? below for information on how to find one), and set up an account with your preferred gas retailer ­- which is where the Get Connected tool can help out again. Next, ATCO Gas Australia will connect your property to the gas main on your street and install a gas meter. This part of the operation doesn’t cost you a thing.*
  2. Your gas fitter will then need to return to your property to complete the process by connecting the pipework from the gas meter to your home, and to install any internal pipework and any connection points that you need.


I’m having a new house built, how do I make sure it has a gas connection?

If you’re moving into a new home, the best time to get connected is during the build. Our Gas Fitting Checklist will tell you when and what to ask.

Will I need to be at home when I get gas connected?

If you’re building a new home and getting gas connected, the whole process can take place before you even move in.

If you’re renovating and planning on adding gas to your energy mix, there’s no need for you to be at home when ATCO Gas Australia comes to install your gas meter and connect it to the gas main on the street ­- which means there’s no need to take time off work. The work the licensed gas fitter does inside your home may require you to be there, so it’s best to ask them when you book

 How long will it take to get gas connected?

As a rough guide, the installation of your gas meter and connection to the gas main generally takes 5 working days for existing homes and 15 working days for new homes, but there may be additional time required for your preferred supplier to set up your account and for your gas fitter to come to your home to complete the internal work required.

Who do I need to contact to get gas installed?

If you’re building a new home, your builder will sort everything out for you. Check out “I’m having a new house built, how do I make sure it has a gas connection?” above for what conversations to have and when to have them to make sure your new home gets connected.

If you’re adding gas to an existing home, you’ll need to contact your preferred gas retailer and gas fitter.

Who will be my gas provider?

That’s up to you! You’re free to select your preferred provider (Alinta Energy or Kleenheat), and usually there’s no lock­-in contract so if you change your mind, it’s no problem to switch to the other.

I heard there’s an express gas connection process for when your electric hot water system breaks down?

Yes, there is. If your electric hot water system has broken down and you want to change to a natural gas system, ATCO Gas Australia will complete the gas meter installation and mains connection within 1 to 2 working days from receiving the request from your gas retailer to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Where can I find a gas fitter?

Head to the Master Plumbers and Gas Fitters Association (MPGA) of WA website: they maintain a searchable online database of licensed plumbers and gas fitters in WA.

I still need more information… where can I find out more?

There are further resources available right here on the Better With Gas website: don’t miss our Get Connected tool for a step-by-step guide to the process, and take a look at how to find the right energy mix for your life and your home.

You can also speak to a gas fitter, your preferred gas retailer or your builder to find out more.

* Please note: ATCO Gas Australia is only responsible for the connection from the gas main up to your gas meter box. 20 meters of gas service pipe is included as part of the free connection process. Anything over this could be chargeable.

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