Cooking Tips to Give You That Edge in the Kitchen

Cooking Tips to Give You That Edge in the Kitchen

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have a few years of basic cooking under your belt, there are plenty of cooking tips that can help you gain practical kitchen skills and upgrade your recipe repertoire in the process.

From making sure you’ve got the right equipment to sharpening your skills with the help of a few video tutorials, here are five cooking tips that are sure to give you a little extra edge in the kitchen.

cooking with gas

Invest in a good chef’s knife

A durable, good quality knife is an essential investment for any budding home cook. A chef’s knife is often considered the most versatile knife on the market because it can be used for trimming, slicing, chopping and many other food preparation techniques. The blade of a chef’s knife is curved to allow for a smooth rocking motion without needing to apply much force – making it a fantastic knife for those doing a lot of cooking and food prep.

cooking with gas
cooking with gas

Don’t leave your kitchen unattended

Even if you’re preparing a simple recipe that won’t require your undivided attention, it’s essential to keep an eye on the food you’re cooking from a safety perspective or spoiled food. Though this may seem like an obvious reminder, it’s easy to get complacent when you’re trying to upskill in the kitchen. Set a timer on your phone to ensure your food isn’t left completely unattended.

Use proper measuring equipment

Though more seasoned cooks may opt to ‘eyeball’ their ingredient quantities, using proper measuring equipment will be much more precise and help you prepare quality recipes without any guesswork. Invest in a set of measuring spoons and cups that span a range of different quantities so you’ll be able to measure ingredients accurately for a range of recipes.

Give YouTube tutorials a try

Popping on a YouTube video recipe is a great way to gain practical cooking skills by cooking ‘alongside’ someone preparing a recipe. This means you can pause, rewind and replay any difficult sections to ensure your technique is solid before moving on to the next steps of the recipe. YouTube video recipes are a particularly great resource to learn the basics – you can search anything from ‘how to boil an egg’ and ‘how to chop an onion’ to ‘how to prepare a full roast dinner’.

Taste test along the way

As you add more and more recipes to your repertoire, your palate will soon develop and be able to taste specific flavours in each dish you prepare. This also means you’ll be able to course-correct if any ingredient is overpowering others. Taste testing your food as you cook is a great way to maximise each individual ingredient’s impact and balance in your meal, and can help enhance its overall flavours.

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