Cosy Outdoor Entertaining

Cosy Outdoor Entertaining

Whether you have a small balcony or a large outside area, it’s possible to turn it into a cosy outdoor space for friends and family even if the weather’s far from cosy.

Here are some hot tips on how to create your own alfresco entertaining area to enjoy when the mercury’s down low.

Cosy Outdoor Entertaining
Cosy Outdoor Entertaining

Gas-fired pizza ovens

Gas pizza ovens are efficient, convenient, and simple to operate and clean: it actually takes less than fifteen minutes to reach the desired cooking temperature, which you can then control easily to get that evenly stone-baked base. These models can also be easily plumbed into your home gas supply.

Circle your chairs and nestle up

Create a cosier outside space by laying down a plush rug on your balcony, or organising chairs and soft, fluffy cushions in an intimate circle – and don’t forget to toss in a blanket or throw to make sure you’ll keep everybody warm. 

If you have a large patio it’s a good idea to use a wall as a windbreak, 

so pull seating close to the side of the house or next to a garden wall to be protected from the wind.

Circle your chairs and nestle up

Gas-powered heaters

If you have a medium to large outside area, gas heating is a good option. It can be much cheaper and kinder to the environment than electricity, and easily heats up larger spaces quickly.

Get the candles burning

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a romantic dinner for two or a casual gathering with friends, candles are a great option to add a flattering, warm light or a bohemian touch to any set-up. Using a ‘hurricane’ over lit candles keeps them from blowing out or tipping over.

Natural gas barbecues

Charcoal’s messy and LPG bottles need to be replaced – but natural gas barbecues make cooking up a storm in your backyard simple. Fire them up instantly (that’s right, no waiting around after work) and control the temperature just as you would in your kitchen to get those burgers and snags right every time. Just make sure that your outdoor area meets the necessary ventilation requirements for natural gas barbecues – your licensed gas fitter will be able to help.

Add those accessories

You can use all kinds of accessories to extend your personal touch outside your home; potted plants, old wooden frames and artwork are all good options. Just remember your accessories will need to be hardy so they can stand withstand the moisture, heat, and cool temperatures they might be exposed to.

Make the lighting magical

If you have a pergola or something similar, twisting strands of LED lamps or fairy lights through adds a bit of magic to your outdoor space at night. The same applies to your table umbrella: instead of putting it away for winter, why not hang a cluster of beautiful lanterns underneath to turn it into a cozy dining spot?

Gas powered spa heaters

There really is nothing quite like soaking in a warm hot tub as you watch the sun go down, and a gas-operated spa is where the powers of natural gas really come into their own. Not only do these models have low operation costs, but they’re the clear winner when it comes to low running costs and speed of heating.

Want natural gas in your alfresco area? Follow our step-by-step guide to getting connected in your home.

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Natural gas barbecues

We’re obviously a little bias but the benefits of natural gas really do speak for themselves.



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