Finding The Right Energy Mix For You

Finding The Right Energy Mix For You

Did you know a mix of energy sources is the most efficient way to power your home to match your lifestyle and usage? Gas and electricity are the two most widely used energy sources in Western Australia, but solar, wind and bio energy also form part of the picture.

Gas is an economically efficient and clean complement to other renewable and non­renewable energy sources, which can all work together to help your household run smoothly and save you money day­-to-­day. Here’s a rundown of the questions people often have when thinking about adding gas into their own energy mix.

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How can installing gas in my new home help me save money?

Over time gas will save you money on your energy bills, particularly when it comes to hot water. For example, a small family can save more than 52%* by running a gas instant hot water system, when compared with an electric storage hot water system. The same goes for a natural gas cooktop, which will cost 16%** less than its electric counterparts to run. Head to the Energy Mix Calculator to find out how much your household could save with natural gas.

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I’ve got electricity, why do I need gas?

Whether you’re building a new home or considering renovating, a gas connection makes an excellent addition to your electricity supply thanks to it being convenient, reliable and clean. For example, powering a instant hot water system with natural gas is not only cheaper, it also means you’ll have perfectly temperature­ controlled, instant hot water that doesn’t run out, and you’ll lower your impact on the environment.

Is there a difference between the gas used for heating and the gas used for cooktops?

No, it’s all the same ­ which means once you’ve got your natural gas connection fitted, you’re good to go.

Need to know more? Find out which appliances make natural gas a home essential and click through to our Get Connected Tool to check if gas is available in your area and how to get the connection process started.

*Savings percentage is based on the use of gas instantaneous hot water systems compared with electric hot water systems for small family households.

**Savings percentage is based on the use of comparable gas and electric cooktops for a small family household.

Finding the right energy mix for you

We’re obviously a little bias but the benefits of natural gas really do speak for themselves.



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