Here are 6 Reasons Why Cooking with Natural Gas is Better than Electric

Here are 6 Reasons Why Cooking with Natural Gas is Better than Electric

Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or an amateur chef, choosing between flame and electric cooking is an inevitable decision you’ll have to make. While both have their pros and cons, research shows that professional chefs are more likely to opt for natural gas stovetops and ovens for a number of reasons.

So, we’re lifting the lid on the benefits natural gas kitchen appliances can bring to your cooking adventures. Here are six reasons why it’s better to cook with gas.

Natural gas in your kitchen

1. Precise temperature control

On a gas stove, precise temperature dials allow you to be completely in control of cooking temperatures. This comes in handy with fiddly dishes or foods such as sauces or caramels that can curdle if left hovering over high heat for too long. Similarly, gas ovens provide a more accurate and precise temperature control than their electric fan counterparts.

2. More flavour when broiling

A growing trend within the global foodie scene, cooking food over an open flame is a great way to infuse a smoky, rich flavour into your steak, vegetables, pork chops or other food. This technique is dubbed the ‘Maillard reaction’, when sugars and amino acids combine and reduce, starting a caramelisation process which turns the outside of food a darker colour. The distinctive aroma of wood fire, combined with this reaction and process, makes for delicious and unique-tasting food.

Natural gas kitchen appliances
Natural gas stoves

3. Reliable supply

As gas is readily available, you can stock up in advance should severe weather and/or a power outage strike. If electricity disappears in this instance, having a gas oven or stovetop could be advantageous and could allow you to continue cooking while the power’s out.

4. Versatility in cookware

No matter what utensils or cookware you’re cooking with, a natural gas stove can accommodate all sorts of shapes and sizes thanks to its non-flat surface that can fit a range of cookware types. This extends to bulkier equipment like woks, which can heat from natural gas stovetops efficiently and effectively once placed above its flame.

5. Instant response

Along with an increase in temperature control, those who use natural gas cooktops or ovens will see their appliances fire up immediately, saving plenty of time and avoiding the frustration of long wait times while preparing food.

6. Simple cleaning and maintenance

Compared to electric or digital stovetops, natural gas stoves are incredibly easy to clean. Instead of investing in expensive, scratch-resistant cleaning products, all you’ll need to clean a gas stove is a multipurpose cleaning solution and a few wipes to remove any excess food or crumbs from your stovetop.

The same goes for maintenance – instead of contacting a specialised repair team for your electric stove repair, natural gas stoves are typically more simple to repair. In many instances, you’ll only need your pilot light replaced, which is a quick and easy process that won’t prove to be too costly in the long run.

Inspired to make the switch to natural gas in your kitchen? Find more info and advice in our handy appliance guide.

Why Natural Gas Comes Out on Top
We’re obviously a little bias but the benefits of natural gas really do speak for themselves.



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