Gas Appliances Go Great In Modern Aussie Homes – Here’s Why

Gas Appliances Go Great In Modern Aussie Homes – Here’s Why

Picking out new appliances is loads of fun. But before you get too far into choosing colours and favourite features, there’s one big decision you need to make: gas or electric?

If you’ve already got a gas line, or you’re set on electric, then you can start getting excited about the new cooktop you’re about to buy. There are so many appliances to choose from, so here are a few ways to make the decision easier.

Gas Appliances Go Great In Modern Aussie Homes

Tips to choose the best appliances for your home


Try to visualise that new dryer in your laundry. Does it suit the benchtops and cupboards? What about your instant hot water system; how will it blend with your exterior bricks? Will an electric cooktop look bland in your beautiful bright kitchen?

Appliances come in so many colours, sizes and arrangements.

You’re guaranteed to find “the one” that suits your style, whether it’s sleek and modern or rustic and warm. And remember you will be seeing the appliance every day, so it’s important to be happy with your choice.

Tips to choose the best appliances for your home

Upfront cost

Set a budget before you go shopping, by doing some high-level research on the average price of each appliance. Costs can vary widely, so knowing what to expect will help you stick to a budget.

  • Ask stores/suppliers if there is any wiggle room on the price
  • Check multiple stores for the best shelf price
  • Don’t forget to look at online retailers
  • Budget for installation costs

Ongoing cost

Running costs add up in a short space of time. Because natural gas is up to 50% cheaper than electricity, installing gas appliances throughout your home is an easy way to save money every month. You’ll thank us for this one later when your energy bill arrives.

Greenhouse emissions

About 20% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions come directly from households. When you break that down room-by-room, you start to see how appliance choices make a big difference to your carbon footprint.

Household energy use %
Heating and cooling 40
Water heating 21
Appliances including refrigeration and cooking 33
Lighting 6

Source: DEHWA, via

And here’s where natural gas appliances are a clear winner. Gas appliances produce 1/3rd to 1/6th the greenhouse emissions of their electric counterparts. And around the country, gas provides 44% of Australia’s energy but only 13% of greenhouse emissions. That’s something to feel good about.

Personal preference

Lots of chefs prefer cooking with gas, and for good reason. On the flip side, some people will swear by electric hot water because they remember a pilot light going out in an old gas system. Manufacturers have solved the pilot light problem with better engineering, but there is still a lot to be said for gut feeling when it comes to gas vs electric appliances.

Gas Appliances Go Great In Modern Aussie Homes – Here’s Why

5,000,000 reasons gas is going gangbusters

More than 5 million gas connections around Australia power around 11 million gas appliances. We might be biased, but it’s good to see those numbers going up every year. Gas appliances power everything from tonight’s dinner to keeping the house cosy in winter. You can even use gas to dry this week’s laundry.

Cooking with gas

Gas cooktops offer a level of control, satisfaction and temperature response you can’t get from electric appliances. And with gas cooktops often costing less than electric, it’s all upside from installation to dishing up at dinner time.

Gas ovens are the same, offering highly controllable cooking with the same features and functions you expect from the most modern electric oven. Modern gas ovens come in a range of configurations and sizes, including freestanding and built-in.

Loving the laundry

One surprising place you can save on electricity bills is the laundry. More Aussie households are using clothes dryers as the popularity of apartment living and subdivisions limits space for the iconic Hills Hoist.

Plus, clothes dryers are just so convenient.

Gas clothes dryers cost around 65% less to run than electric dryers, and the results are considered better across the board. Because they use a more innovative heating mechanism and provide precise temperature control, gas clothes dryers work faster and are softer on delicate fabric.

Creating cosy living spaces

Nobody enjoys shivering through a cold winter night. It’s why three-quarters (77%) of Australian homes have a heater. But heaters cost a lot to run, right?

Not if you use a gas heater. Switching from electric to flued heaters – the style that connects to a gas line – can cut running costs by 31% for a small family, while decorative heaters dial those savings up to 41%.

Whether heating your bedroom overnight or transforming your living room with a decorative fireplace that’s safer, cleaner and mess-free, gas heaters are more efficient and versatile than any other alternative.

Ongoing cost
Hot water when you need it

Hot water when you need it

We’ve saved the best – or at least the biggest – for last. Search for “gas vs electric hot water” online and you’ll find plenty of arguments for one side or the other. What it comes down to is this:

  • Instant gas hot water is half the price of instant electric
  • Gas hot water storage is 43% cheaper than electric tanks
  • Gas energy is cleaner, using up to 70% less carbon

Water heating accounts for 21% of home energy use in Australia, making it the second-largest segment after heating and cooling. And water heating generates 23% of your home’s greenhouse gas emissions, by far the biggest contributor of any appliance.

This alone should encourage you to explore gas hot water – not to mention the significant cost savings you can enjoy at the same time.

How to choose the right gas appliance for your home

Every home is different, which is why gas appliances come in an endless array of styles, feature choices, colours, finishes and fixture types.

Start by reading through our Appliance Guides where you can delve into the benefits of gas appliances. Each page has links to recommended products to make your search easier. Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you could save by switching to gas appliances or discover which natural gas suppliers are active in your area.

We’re obviously a little bias but the benefits of natural gas really do speak for themselves.



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