Gas Dryers vs. Electric Dryers

Gas Dryers vs. Electric Dryers

With the Perth weather starting to cool down, thoughts begin to turn to how you will be able to dry your clothes in the wet weather. So, let’s deep dive into tumble dryers, comparing the two most popular kinds: gas dryers vs. electric dryers.

How do tumble dryers work?

Clothes dryers all follow the same basic principles. Air is drawn into the dryer then heated, which evaporates the moisture in the clothes. The drum that tumbles the clothes is powered by electricity, where the two kinds of dryers differ in the energy used to create the heat. Gas dryers use gas; electric dryers use electricity.

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What are the differences between gas and electric dryers?

There are pros and cons to both when it comes to the two kinds of dryers. Let’s start with gas dryers.

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Gas Dryers

  • Generally, gas dryers incur cheaper running costs as gas is almost always cheaper than electricity. In fact, the operating costs of a gas dryer can be up to 50% cheaper than electric dryers. 
  • Gas is also typically a more efficient heat source than electricity, as it combusts and instantly turns into heat within the machine without any energy loss.
  • Gas dryers might be more environmentally friendly. 
  • Gas dryers often offer faster drying times, meaning you can dry more clothes quicker.
  • Have higher installation costs than electric dryers 

Electric dryers

  • Less expensive to purchase and install, as their electric components are typically cheaper than those required for gas.
  • Installation is easy. You don’t need a qualified tradesman or any special connections; just plug it in. They do require a 240V socket, but these are standard in Australia.
  • Electric dryers often do not require outside ventilation as they typically use cool air to condense water vapour, which is then collected in a drainpipe or collection tank.
  • Typically, more expensive to run, as electricity is more expensive than gas and electric dryers have longer drying times than gas dryers.

Which should you choose?

Your choice of which dryer to buy could come down to what connections are already in place. As with many appliances, the one you choose comes down to personal preference. Gas appliances often cost more upfront but can save you money in the long run.

Faster drying cycles, drying times, and greater energy efficiency can save you time and money. However, choose an electric dryer if you need a cheaper upfront option and are not concerned by the long-term costs.

Before buying any type of dryer, think about your family’s needs, your budget, and the appliance features you most desire.

With our Savings Calculator, see how much you can save on a gas tumble dryer in Australia.

Find out more about getting connected to your local gas supplier. 

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