Get Your BBQ Ready for Summer Cook Outs

Get Your BBQ Ready for Summer Cook Outs

Summer in Western Australia means trips to the beach, complaining about the onslaught of flies and most importantly, the beloved backyard BBQ.

A backyard BBQ isn’t just a casual social occasion – it is an event that is etched into the very fabric that makes WA so great.

But before you can ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie’ for your mates and family this summer, there are a few things you need to do.

Inspect Your BBQ

Between COVID-19 ruining social occasions everywhere to winter presenting less than ideal barbequing conditions, there’s a good chance your beloved barbie hasn’t seen much daylight lately.

So take off your BBQ cover and give your barbie a thorough clean and inspection from top to bottom.

In particular, make sure to turn off the gas to your BBQ (either your natural gas connection or the LPG gas bottle) before giving your gas hose a good check over.

Inspect Your BBQ
Give Your BBQ a Birthday

Give Your BBQ a Birthday

Generally, the inside of your BBQ needs the most attention, so we recommend tackling any BBQ cleaning from the inside out.

Clean the Grates

Get to work on cleaning the grates of your BBQ by filling a large bucket (or three) with hot, soapy water and plonking your grates and any other cooktop surfaces in there.

Once the grates have soaked for a few minutes, you can use your trusty elbow grease to scrub off any fat or build up from your BBQ.

An alternative method is to turn on your BBQ, heat up the grates and apply an onion or some oil to help loosen the stubborn grit. Once the majority of the grit has lifted, you can then turn off the natural gas connection and use the soapy water method above to clean the rest of the grime off.

Make sure to give the grates a good rinse afterwards – there’s nothing worse than soapy sausages and steak.

Clean the Drip Tray

Your BBQ’s drip tray may have seen better days, so make sure you give it a good scrub with soap and water to remove any fatty build up. Leave it to soak for a little while if necessary.

Clean the Exterior

Lastly, make sure you wipe down the exterior of your barbie to get it looking brand new again. Use a purpose-made stainless steel cleaner or a hot water with vinegar solution to gently clean the stainless steel exterior.

Check the Flame Colour

Once you’ve finished cleaning, check the colour of the flame on your gas grill.

  • Good = blue flame with yellow tips
  • Bad = yellow flame

A yellow flame on your BBQ indicates that there is an issue with your grill that needs attention. Issues may range from debris inside the burners to the regulator getting stuck.

Upgrade Your Tools

Improve your experience of cooking with gas by giving your BBQ tools an upgrade – invest in that new stainless-steel grill set and watch your barbequing skills transform before your eyes.

Step Up Your BBQ Game

Hosting a BBQ isn’t for amateurs – it takes skill, it takes confidence and it takes a reliable gas supply.

Changing from a gas bottle to a plumbed system for a fixed BBQ might seem like a considerable amount of effort, but we have two words for you: GAME CHANGER.

Linking your BBQ directly to your natural gas connection means:

  • No last-minute dashes to the shops for another LPG tank;
  • Faster and more precise cooking;
  • An uninterrupted, reliable supply of gas;
  • Less fumes for your guests to breathe in; and
  • More savings in your pocket


Upgrade your tools

Cooking with Gas This Summer

Prepare yourself, your mates and your family to enjoy the wonders of our great outdoors this summer with a memorable outdoor BBQ, powered by your natural gas connection.

If switching your gas supply over from an LPG tan to your natural gas connection sounds like a winning idea, check out our comprehensive list of gas providers on Better With Gas to make sure you get the best deal.

Or if we’ve inspired you to overhaul your other appliances to take advantage of your natural gas connection, head to our Appliance Guide for more information.

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