How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor BBQ

How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor BBQ

Outdoor BBQs are a staple on every Australian’s social calendar – but there’s a big difference between attending one and hosting one.

To prepare the perfect outdoor BBQ you’ll need space, supplies, decorations, seats, and of course food, but it can be overwhelming to plan if you don’t know where to start.

Decorate With Lights And Other Decorations
How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor BBQ

So if you’re planning an outdoor BBQ summer, we’ve put together a handy checklist to ensure it runs smoothly,

and that you’ve got everything you need to entertain your friends. Time to fire up the BBQ!

Prepare Food Before People Arrive
Set Up An Easy-To-Access Bar

1.     Clean And Set Up Your Entertaining Area

Once you’ve decided the area you’ll host your BBQ, it’s a good idea to give it a spring clean so it’s nice and tidy when your guests arrive. Do a quick sweep to get rid of any leaves, dust off any spiderwebs, and dust off your BBQ so it’s as clean as possible. While you’re outside, set up chairs and tables for your guests to sit at.

2.     Prepare Food Before People Arrive

It’s a good idea to keep your BBQ options simple, but make sure you provide vegetarian options to cater for all of your guests. Where possible, prepare foods like salads or chopped up vegetables in advance so you aren’t stuck in the kitchen when your guests arrive.

3.     Prepare (Or Perhaps, Upgrade) Your BBQ

If you’re using a gas bottle BBQ, make sure your gas bottle is topped up before people start to arrive. You’ll also need to give it some time to warm up, but if you’re using a plumbed gas BBQ, you’ll only need a few minutes for it to be sizzling and ready to go. Plumbed gas BBQs are up to 40% cheaper to run than bottled LPG BBQs – so if you’re eager to upgrade your BBQ before you host your friends, consider giving natural gas a go. Click here for tips on how to choose your new gas BBQ.


4.     Decorate With Lights And Other Decorations

If your BBQ is on any normal weekend, deck your entertaining space out with fairy lights, lamps and candles to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. However, if you’re hosting a specific BBQ for a birthday, anniversary or graduation celebration, embrace the decorations and opt for balloons, signs, streamers and party poppers. This goes for dessert too – a fancy birthday cake is a great way to celebrate!

5.     Set Up An Easy-To-Access Bar

To make the night as smooth as possible, set up a table for drinks, ice and cups as a makeshift bar for your guests. This will eliminate the need for people to head inside to grab drinks or refills, and will keep the conversation flowing in your outdoor entertaining space.

6.     Do A Safety Check

Where BBQs are involved, it’s essential to do a quick safety check before your guests arrive to avoid any potential scares or fires. In your check, make sure the gas is safely connected, that the BBQ is out of reach of kids or pets, and that you have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of fire or flare-ups.

Outdoor barbecue

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