Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

The perfect outdoor kitchen space is a combination of clever design, smart appliance choices, and a beautiful aesthetic.

Outdoor kitchens are a staple of West Australian homes. A popular way to entertain friends and family, outdoor kitchens allow for gorgeous barbecues and stunning parties in your own backyard.

A few important factors need to be considered before embarking on an outdoor kitchen installation that will maximise use of available space, while also delivering premium performance.

Outdoor kitchen essentials
Outdoor kitchen

Design Considerations

The outdoor kitchen layout is impacted by access to power points, gas connection, and water. Evaluate available space in terms of comfortable cooking area/room to move. Allocate a dining zone.

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Define your Concept

Outdoor kitchens allow for a diverse range of designs. Begin by clarifying your vision. Factor in the average head count. Decide if you plan to work within the parameters of the space, or are open to structural changes.


Make the outdoor kitchen feel part of your home, rather than an adjacent area. Clever design, such as opening up solid barriers, helps this flow-on impression. Décor is another important tool.

Thinking Beyond Walls

The visual access provided by clear or semi-sheer surfaces integrates outdoor kitchens with the rest of the home. Consider installing bifold and retractable windows, folding glass doors, or a combination.

Complementary Visuals

Colour palettes, textures, and materials used in the outdoor kitchen space should augment the adjacent interior aesthetic. Remember, furnishings and design features must withstand the elements.

Biophilic Design

Are you aiming for an outdoor kitchen space with an organic, natural feel? Minimise the indoor/outdoor distinction by revamping the connected space inside with indoor plants and wooden detailing.


Sometimes we forget the practical requirements of safe locations, especially ventilation needs. When cooking with gas make sure your design doesn’t allow gas, heat, and steam to build.

Protection and Comfort 

Address overhead (retractable) coverage if needed, and assorted heating and cooling choices for guest comfort. Possibilities include outdoor fans, outdoor heaters, and outdoor misters. 

Appliance Selection

Decide on appliances upfront, and integrate into design plans—rather than chasing a good fit later. Planned usage of the outdoor kitchen, and your preferred appliances, must be taken into account.

Select appliances that can handle the elements, and will be properly protected. With many choices on the market, just be realistic about the appliances you’ll likely use. Suggestions include: 

BBQ & Grill

Built-in BBQs are fabulous space savers, often featuring multiple burners as well as a side burner or plate option. Built-in BBQs and Grills are known for durability, and are eye-catching feature.

Top BBQs for Summer outlines the benefits of built-in BBQs for alfresco spaces, and runs through five leading West Australian options when cooking with gas. These include:

  • Cookout Classic Electric Built-in BBQ
  • Gasmate Mariner 6 Burner Built In BBQ
  • Beefeater 2000ES 5 Burner
  • Jumbuck Comet Plus 4 Burner Built In BBQ Bnr
  • Matador Titan 6 Burner Built In BBQ


A step up from the good old esky, store beverages in a stylish outdoor refrigerator that allows you to keep side dishes on hand too. (Clarify dimensions and placement at the planning stage.)

Outdoor Heater 

Enjoy your outdoor kitchen all year round. An outdoor heater is a solid investment for cooler months. Choose from built in, wall mounted, or free-standing models. Read instructions to ensure safe usage.

Enjoy your outdoor kitchen

Take a browse through our Better with Gas Lifestyle Guide for great recipes, BBQing tips, and outdoor entertaining advice that will enhance your al fresco experience.

Outdoor kitchen
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