10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Best Barbecue Ever

10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Best Barbecue Ever

The sun has finally made an appearance here in beautiful Perth, and the air is full of the sounds of people shaking out their BBQ covers and wheeling their natural gas BBQs into the perfect cooking position.

That’s right! It’s BBQ season once again, and for experienced BBQ cooks and newbies alike, we thought we’d put together a list of our must-have BBQ accessories to help you take cooking with gas to the next level.

Read on to see Better with Gas’s ten must-have BBQ accessories for your BBQ this Summer.

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1. Apron

Avoid ending up with fat and sauce splattered all over you by investing in a good quality apron. Try to choose one with nice big pockets so you can keep your phone and BBQ accessories close by.

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2. Heat Resistant Mitts

When you are cooking, safety is a priority, making quality heat-resistant mitts an essential BQQ accessory this summer.

 3. Meat Thermometer

Avoid any chance of undercooked meat by adding a meat thermometer to your list of essential accessories. There are various types of thermometers available, from heavy-duty stainless-steel thermometers to remote control digital thermometers with built-in timers to ensure you cook your meat to perfection.

4. Hot Plate Liner

Hot plate liners or grill mats allow you to cook smaller foods on the grill with less mess – they are also great for separating your meat from your veggies if you are entertaining vegetarians.

5. A good gas supply

Without a steady, reliable gas supply, your BBQ will be unable to cook anything. Whether you want to cook the perfect steak or are looking to reduce your household bills, natural gas can help!

6. Pizza pan

A non-stick pizza tray can transform your BBQ into a pizza oven. Impress all your friends and serve an authentic homemade pizza crust for added extra excitement at your next social event.

7. Rib Rack

If you are crazy about ribs but have never cooked them before, invest in an upright BBQ rib rack. The rib rack’s design gives perfect positioning for your ribs and allows better ventilation. Explore a range of different smoky flavourings for that authentic smoky rib taste.

8. Kebab Skewers

Perfect for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, grilled kebabs are delicious, making kebab skewers an essential BBQ accessory. Choose chicken, steak, lamb, or tofu and pair with tasty vegetables like capsicum, mushroom, and onion. Sprinkle with your favourite herb blend and enjoy a healthy alternative to a standard BBQ sausage.

9. BBQ Wipes

Once you have enjoyed all the delicious food, it’s clean-up time. Investing in some heavy-duty BBQ wipes makes the job much easier.

10. Double-Head BBQ Grill Brush

A well-made double-head BBQ Grill Brush will remove any crusted-on food and fat residue. Aim to choose one with a steel scraper to help remove stubborn bits.

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