Top Tips to Make You a Better Baker

Top Tips to Make You a Better Baker

Whether you choose to bake in a gas or an electric oven I think it’s safe to say that at least once in your life your attempt to bake has ended in a big flop or burnt mess – we have all been there!

Cooking with gas vs cooking with electricity does have its differences, however, both will lead to a similar if not the same end result.  Whether you bake with a gas oven or electric we’ve put together some general tips that can be applied to both appliances. Hopefully, these tips & tricks will help make you a better baker.

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Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat

Turn the temperature up on your oven! Baking at a higher temperature over a shorter period of time will cause what’s known as the Maillard reaction, this will give your food a lovely crispy golden-brown appearance also making it taste better.

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Rotate the inner tray

Ovens are known to have ‘hot spots’ with gas ovens having a larger disparity than electric ovens. Rotating your trays while they’re in the oven is an effective way to ensure your food is baked through evenly. If you’re baking food that takes less than 30 minutes in the oven, rotate the trays 90 degrees halfway through the cooking time. Food that stays in the oven for a longer time, like bread, which can take up to a few hours, should be rotated a few times – roughly every 30 minutes.

If you bake a lot and want to pinpoint exactly where your oven’s hot spots are, scatter some breadcrumbs across a tray, place it in the oven for a few minutes, and pay attention to where the breadcrumbs are cooked the best.

Use a pizza stone

As it holds heat really well, a pizza stone is a really useful tool when baking in a gas oven. Don’t bake your food directly atop the pizza stone, as this can cause the bottom of food to burn. Instead, place your food on the rack just above the stone – this will ensure you get the benefits of the stone, like radiating, strong heat, without the mess.

Use light-coloured baking trays

Opt for light-coloured metal baking trays, or silicone cookware. These are a great choice for baking in gas ovens, and can reduce the risk of the bottom of your food burning (which is more common on dark-coloured trays). If you don’t have a light-coloured or silicone tray on hand, it’s wise to reduce the oven temperature slightly, particularly towards the end of your cooking time.

Looking for some recipe inspiration? Check out some of our amazing dessert recipes, perfect for the next time you bake.

Baking tips
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