Which Gas Heater is Right For You?

Which Gas Heater is Right For You?

Chilly nights demand cosy heating solutions, but with all kinds of natural gas options available, where do you start? Are you building a new home or renovating? Or looking to heat up a rental space with an easy-to-pack solution?

So why go gas?

Whether you’re looking for an effective way to warm it, or a stylish way to decorate it, gas heating offers a clean and simple solution for your home. Natural gas creates instant, controllable and comfortable heat, with warmth working its way through your home at the touch of a button.

Which Gas Heater is Right for You

Love the ambience of a real fire? Natural gas flame fires bring you all cosiness of those flickering flames, without any of the fuss or mess.

No more chopping wood, stacking kindling and waiting around! You might also be able to save serious dollars on your energy bills by switching to natural gas heating: check out our Energy Mix Calculator to find out more.

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What are my options?

Gas heaters come in all shapes and sizes, flued and unflued, convection and radiant, and there are endless sizes and styles to suit everyone’s tastes:

“I like the idea of gas heating, but I want the look of a real fire”

Nothing beats the feeling of a roaring fire on a cold night, which is where natural gas decorative flame heating comes in – meaning you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort of open flames, and don’t have to deal with any of the mess.

“I want gas heating, but I don’t want to do building work in my home”

Don’t worry: anyone with a gas connection can benefit from the cosiness of gas heating with what are labelled ‘portable’ gas heaters, which you can simply plug into your wall via their bayonet fittings.

There are a few different types of these gas heaters, and they all distribute heat differently – so that’ll guide which one you choose.

Convection heaters This type of heater uses air movement caused by heat (convection) to warm the space, as well as a fan to help distribute the heat more evenly. Some come with remote controls, timers and advanced technology. They’ll also need a power point to power the fan.

Radiant heaters Radiant heaters are slightly cheaper than convection styles and they don’t need an electrical connection. These are great for small spaces as their direct heat warms whatever is right in-front of them.

Radiant Convectors As you might have guessed, these heaters combine both radiant and convection power in one. That means they heat specific spots directly and circulate heat around a whole room. These will also need a power point and can sometimes look a little too traditional for certain tastes.

“Are they safe?”

Appliances described as ‘portable’ gas heaters don’t require a flue (a fixed pipe in your home that removes emissions), but since they do release some products of combustion into your home there are a number of safety rules you need to follow. They’re not suitable for use in very small rooms (WA recommendations are that the room’s air volume is greater than 30 cubic metres), rooms where you sleep, or around very young or old members of the family. You’ll also need to provide adequate ventilation and always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

“I want to enjoy the convenience of fitted gas heating in my home”

Good news: you can get snug with a flued natural gas heater! These heaters offer all the cosiness of gas with no emissions inside your home. You’ll need a fixed flue pipe through a wall or ceiling to remove emissions, so remember to add this to the list if you’re renovating or building a new home – and don’t forget, these heaters must be installed by a qualified gas fitter.

“So which flued natural gas heater should I choose?”

All flued natural gas heaters will warm your home quickly, let you adjust the temperature with ease and can potentially save you money, with a couple of differences:

Flued radiant heaters Flued radiant heaters combine convection and radiant heat plus a flue to remove the emissions caused by gas combustion. That means you get direct heating (pull up the couch!) at the same time as heating the room.

Power flued heaters Power flued heaters have convection functionality and a power-driven flue, which means you’ll benefit from increased efficiency and even better heat distribution around your room (and they usually come with some fancier features like remote controls and timers, too).

Which Gas Heater is Right for You

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Whether you’re building or renovating, find out more about getting connected to gas.

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